👇 After talking to 100 people,

this is what I learnt.

Today’s topic: 👇 After talking to 100 people, this is what I learnt.
Business or career, if you want to grow, this is what you need to have in your life.

Soft skills is the solution today.

✅ Time management:

• Establish priorities.
• Gain delegation skills.
• Be able to refuse.

✅ Emotional intelligence:

• Avoid impulsive behaviour.
• When you are angry, step aside.
• Recognize how you’re feeling.
• Recognize the effects of your choices.
• After that, act appropriately.

✅ Communication:

• Always let the other person finish before you start to speak.
• Use a positive tone of voice.
• Be aware of your body language.

✅ Relationship building:

• Always give a helping hand to others.
• Look for shared passions.
• Always give something before expecting anything in return.

✅ Persuasion:

• Recognize the concerns of others.
• Produce experiences that connect to them.
• Express those emotions clearly and passionately.

✅ Empathy:

• Show a sincere interest in others.
• Consider things from their viewpoint.
• Recognize their emotions.
• Always be encouraging and never pass judgement.
• Be kind in how you spend your time and energy.

✅ Negotiation:

• Pay close attention.
• Recognize the intentions of the other side.
• Know your value.
• After that, suggest compromises that satisfy all parties.

✅ Positive attitude:

• Do not gossip.
• Don’t ever whine.
• Use criticism carefully.
• Always compliment others.

✅ Teamwork:

• Refrain from taking full credit.
· Honor other people’s accomplishments.
• Publicly and generously compliment teammates.

✅ Conflict resolution:

• Steer clear of disputes and reproaches.
• Put solutions before issues.
• Express a sincere apology when you are at fault.

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