2 Failed Businesses

Taught Me Business Growth Tips 👇

What type of people last together?
❌ In fact, a lot of businesses and relationships fail because you lack these two critical points.

✅ Choose companions who share your interests in leisure activities.

Otherwise, spending time together will eventually seem like a chore.
And we all know how much we like doing chores.

Anything that looks like a task eventually gets a priority set in mind.

If you brain says this task is not important, you might put it for low priority.
And it may never get done.

Slowly, you feel to drift apart and get a sense of disjoint.
It can be with your colleagues or even with your business.

✅ Contraries fascinate but don’t stay together.

As the saying goes, opposties attract.
In real life, it mayb not be true.

It definitely is interesting for a while but eventually you need a common ground to establish your relationship.

So find a partner with whom you can discuss the critical issues.

Having shared interests can lead to exponential business growth in long run.


While we think these are tiny things, these are the factors that make or break your business’ longevity.


P.S: I learnt this lesson the hard way. The 2 failed businesses, 3 broken relationships & countless nights listening sad songs. What about you?

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