✅ These 11 principles changed my

career and business growth exponentially.

✅ These 11 principles changed my career and business growth exponentially.

1. Generic Goals lead to nowhere.

Having goal to “buy a home this year” is very generic.

You do not have the plan for it
You do not have right amount of time to achieve it
You do not have the right reasons set in your mind

If you are not following SMART method to set your goals, you will always lack in achieving them.

SMART goals: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound

2. Building Habit

Dreaming is for kids. If you want your dreams to come true, you need to take action.

That happens when you make it a habit. It takes 21 days to make a habit but that lasts lifetime with you.

3. Put Consistency over Hard work

It is not about how much you can learn about any specific skill.

It is to keep on learning and practicing that makes a difference.

You have to combine them both and put your efforts in the right direction.

4. Learn before Earn

Dreaming to earn $100,000 is easy.
Building a skillset to earn that much is hard.

So start by learning, polishing your skills and becoming an expert in your industry.

5. Move out of comfort zone

Comfort zone can pull you down. It takes efforts to do something you dream and that’s why you need to stop thinking about what people would think and start doing things.

6. Promote yourself

It is not bad to talk about yourself when you have so much expertise in an area. Always make sure that people know what you are capable of.

7. Take responsibility

Make career decisions on your own.

Never voice a complaint. Never assign responsibility.

You are accountable for every thought and emotion you are experiencing.

8. Ethics are important

Skills matter.

However, your reputation plays just as much of a role in the opportunities that you draw.

Building a reputation takes a decade.

However, one error might ruin it.

Be ethical, especially if there is a motivation for you not to.

9. Looks for opportunities

Opportunities can lead to a more successful career path or business expansion.

Is gaming becoming more and more popular?

Then why don’t you look for something in that field?

Can you make a game or do you attain a skill which is useful in this industry? Then why don’t you apply for a position.

It is all about finding the right opportunity.

10. Build Unique Skillset

Anyone can become a developer or marketer. But having another skill in combination to that can set you apart.

Find it, own it and ace it.

11. Work is a part of life. Life is not a part of work.

Always treat work, money as a aprt of your life and not your whole life.

Nurture relationships, your health above all.

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P.S: I am building my skills to grow my business. What are you currently doing?

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