Design Lesson #1:

How To Create A Logo

Welcome to the first logo design lesson. 

We will be beginning this design course session with a very basic logo project I worked upon.

Mastering logo design takes time and patience. Consider it as meditation, you usually start doing it slowly and then you master the art of patience.


Topic 1:


Whenever you create a logo for a company or business owner, it is important and crucial to keep the business objective in mind. 

Per Crowdspring statistics, it only takes consumers 10 seconds to form a first impression of a brand’s logo

Below I will be summarizing all the steps I performed to create the basic logo but feel free to check out the beginners guide to logo design if you have not already, to get detailed idea of every step to follow.

By the end of this lesson, you will be absolutely ready to create your own logo. So let’s get started.

Knowing you brand should always be the first step. 

This is a food delivery company known as “Yummy”. The company is based in the UK and thus targeting the UK customers initially.

Now when you are researching about your project’s company, it is important to ask the questions below:

  1. Who are the customers?
  2. What do your customers expect from you?
  3. How are you reaching out to your customers?

Specific to this project, another question can be if the customers like take-away or deliveries more. You will know this soon why this question is important.

But how would you start your research?

Initially I struggled with this first step as well. But the more you onboard projects and work upon them, the more it becomes clear on how to lead yourself in the right path.

You can begin your research by:

  1. Directly communicating with your client about their business
  2. Going to their website and checking the details altogether
  3. Reading customer reviews in order to get a sense of how the company is working

The rulebook for research contains a fact that you should always stick to the brand guidelines. Now these guidelines can be interpreted by viewing the website or by asking the client to share it with you.

The brand guidelines can contain the company’s color, fonts, styling and the overall appearance which makes it identical for their customers.

You can also view the 21 Brand Style Guide Examples for Visual Inspiration that Hubspot posted a while ago.

Once you have your research ready, you will know what the brand stands for and what the customers want from it. 

Topic 2:


The second most important step is the sketching before jumping right in the software. 

A lot of reasons are mentioned in the beginners guide for logo design article but one of the main reasons is when you sketch, you have the canvas in front of you. 

You have the control on what you are drawing/imagining.

Working directly in the software can limit your thoughts and potential as you will be bound to make the crisp images.

Below are some sketches made initially for the “Yummy” logo.

You would notice the drawings are raw. 

It does not matter if the lines are sharp or not. 
If the circles are symmetrically round or not. 

You are just putting your thoughts on paper.

Once you are done with the sketching and have got the right design, then comes the next step in action.

Topic 3:


There are again tons of softwares that you can start to work with. 

From free online softwares to the paid ones, all have their own pros and cons. 

You can begin with the free trial period softwares in order test them and once you have made your choice, buying the original version would help you a lot.

I personally like Adobe Illustrator when it comes to logo designing. 

As it offers a wide scale of features and tricks which helps to minimize the human efforts once you know how to use them.


As I always say, if you are here then either you scrolled to the bottom or finally have covered your first lesson on how to create a logo. It is important to go through each step of logo process to ensure the quality delivery to your client.

Remember, the better your logo ideas are … the more clients are going to come to you.

Let’s summarize what we covered above:

  1. Researching about the client before diving in the creation process
  2. Sketch and Review stage
  3. Designing your sketch in your picked design software

If you would like to see some more lessons on how to create your own logo or how to create a logo for a client, comment below and share your feedback.

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