Focused on the modern medicines and their miracles, The Shire Clinics logo was designed for a medical clinic that helps patients recover with the best healthcare facilities.


According to Shire Clinics, they are working with a range of clients to help them remodel the way they manage secondary care referrals.

Projects range from rapid access to Advice and Guidance, to waiting list management and delivery of diagnostic clinics.

In all of our work, we apply the same broad based systems approach to ensure that our solutions bring the benefits to the patients, GP’s, hospitals and CCG’s that our clients request.


They were looking for a modern design that relates to the medical field and simultaneously speaks the brand voice of trust, strength and reliability.

The requirement was to include a flower that can help showcase these qualities.


After long hours of creating the inspiration board, we came up with two important factors that makes any medical clinic. 

Patients & Trust.

So we combined the two to depict the exact meaning of Shire Clinics.

We added the Human Being and the Tulip Flower to hold the minimalistic design approach and yet display the exact brand meaning.

Let’s take a look below.



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