I bet you did not know this hidden fact about

social media strategy 😍

Today’s topic: social media strategy 😍

People are hooked to these social media platforms for a reason.

They see content similar to their interests, taste and of course the quality.

But do you know you can reach your target audience by doing one simple thing.

Include SEO in your content. And I do not mean only social media post captions.
It has to be included in everything.

πŸ‘‰ Algorithms are a lot smarter today than before.

They can view your image post and read your caption to see if they co-relate.
They can view your video and audio to see what the content is all about.

So do you want to rank your content onΒ Meta,Β Instagram,Β LinkedInΒ orΒ Twitter?

Then you need to have your SEO game on.

There are so many things in SEO to cover and I can share all the topics with you in the right sequence to learn.
But first, start with knowing what is search engine optimization and where you can find the analysis of your blogs, posts etc.

Here are three of my favorite sources to get that information.

βœ…Β Ahrefs
βœ…Β Screaming Frog
βœ…Β Social Media Examiner

I am going through 10 blogs every single day, 12+ hours worth of reading, 5+ hours worth of summarizing the information for you all. So you do not have to spend these many hours yourself.

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