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Make a logo in illustrator

Illustrator is the logo design software of choice for many designers. This industry-standard software makes it simple to create beautiful logos for any business, style, or medium, including print, film, and internet. But you should know how to make a logo in illustrator efficiently & quickly.

Today, I will not share the initial steps of making a logo in the first place. For that, you can take a look at our extensive in-depth beginner’s guide on logo design or design lessons with examples.

In this mini article, we will learn how to make a logo using the most commonly used tools in illustrator.

Open your AI & Checkout below steps on how to make a logo in illustrator

Option 1

Image Trace

There are a few various ways to produce a logo in Illustrator, depending on the aesthetic you want to achieve: live tracing in Illustrator after drawing by hand on paper or in Photoshop, or drawing with Illustrator’s pen tool.

Image Trace

This is the simplest option if your logo sketch is symmetrical or you want to give it a feel of hand-drawn. 

Take your desired image sketch and import it in your illustrator. 


Add image in illustrator


Once you have the image in, click on image trace and try out different options to see what works best for you.


Image trace for sketch


Once the image is traced, you can expand the selection and make further modifications like adding color combinations, typography or create custom font.


Option 2

Live Trace

If image trace isn’t giving you the results you want, you can attempt live tracing. To begin, you must first lock your layer.

Reduce the transparency and choose a brush to begin drawing as precisely as possible.


add the layer lock and transparency image


The logo would still have a hand-drawn feel to it, but on your own terms.

Once you’re satisfied with the tracing, you can hide the original drawing layer and begin working on the new vector design you’ve produced.

Option 3

Pen Tool

If your logo isn’t symmetric but still needs a finishing touch that live or image tracing won’t provide, you can use the popular pen tool in Illustrator.

It may take an entire blog to learn how to utilize a pen tool. So, if you’d want a tutorial on this, sign up for our subscription below and we’ll send you the video tutorial right to your inbox.

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    If you know how to use the pen tool, you can simply re-add your drawing and draw using the pen tool to catch all of the curves correctly.


    add a pen tool selection tool image here

    Option 4

    Golden Ratio

    One of the best used techniques in logo design is the golden ratio.

    If you have a symmetrical logo, you can make it optically symmetric by using the golden ratio.

    Certain circles/squares are formed using the Fibonacci series, which work well in design aspects.

    Take a peek at the design in the image below.

    Because the golden ratio has been applied to it, it appears to be naturally pleasing.

    To learn more on golden ratio in depth and how to use it, check out our ultimate guide on golden ratio.


    add a comparison image of two logos

    It’s time to export your logo design after it’s finished. And, while sending the files to your client, keep in mind that we need to send multiple resolutions of our designs to guarantee that they are responsive and can be used in a variety of areas.

    To save time, we have a lesson on how to export multiple files at once. Take a peek around.

    But that’s not enough, you need to have a good branding to showcase that logo in reality. Check out our portfolios to see how we showcase our clients’ logo designs in a brand identity.

    Knowing Ideas on how to create a logo is not enough. You need to know about ….

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I learn graphic design fast?

    There is no way around it. You must devote time to acquire knowledge. That is the reason there are courses that have been made available to you. Free and paid.


    Can I learn graphic design online?

    Absolutely. Start by investing time in free courses and then invest money in paid courses once you get a few clients to keep on learning more.


    What software is required for graphic design?

    Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, CorelDRAW, and plenty of other Adobe Creative Cloud programmes are available. Also, here’s a link to the complete Adobe Software List. A graphic designer has access to an almost limitless amount of software.


    Is graphic design a profitable industry?

    Yes, it is correct. With a graphic design certification and your skillset, you’ll be able to find a wonderful career in no time. At the moment, the highest paid salary for a director is $116,750.


    How do I get started in graphic design if I have no prior experience?

    You can establish an online profile, show off your work, get an internship, start your own project, or become a freelancer as a beginner graphic designer looking to get experience in the field.

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