✅ This technique will improve your writing skills

& put you in front of more audience. ✅

Top for today: ✅ improve your writing skills

I have written more than 100 blogs and I can tell you one thing for sure… people lose interest after reading first 3 or 4 lines.

If you can engage them for that long, your content comes out as a high quality information that users will be curious to read.

Here is how you improve your content writing skills.

👉 TIP: Use fewer words.

consists of – parts of something
focuses on – the main topic
devoted to – talks about
although – in spite of the fact
moreover – extra details to be shared
in spite of – showing a contrast
firstly, secondly & lastly – writing down steps or instructions
However – contradictory statement to what what said before
attributed to – referring to someone else
allude to – indirectly mentioning
followed up – comes after
narrowed down – reduced to something
In conclusion – to summarise what was said before
subjected to – experiences

This will enhance the writing capabilities as well as the story you are trying to tell.

👉 Take the below paragraph for instance. First paragraph is written with nothing we discussed above.

“Content marketing has three sections. Writing, Research & Engagement. In this blog, I will talk about the three elements mentioned. Research comes first to begin your blog or article. It will have competitor analysis, keyword planning and creating timeline for the team. Then, we will write the content which is 1000 words long. In the end, we will engage with other blogs to promote our content and generate website traffic.”

Now read this… 👇

“Your content can have huge impact on website traffic. This blog focuses on the key pillars of content marketing. Firstly, any great article needs to have an extensive research at the background. Starting off with competitor analysis, keyword planning and a project timeline. Secondly, you need to build an article which is at least 1000 words long to better rank on Google. Lastly, engaging with your users and other blogs are followed up. In conclusion, you need to have your research, writing and engagement done respectively to get more traffic.”

Which one will move the needle for you?

✨ I hope you found this helpful. I will bring in more content soon.

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