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Logo Design Ideas For Business

(100+ Examples)

Creating a logo for a well established business can seem overwhelming. And going over a bunch of logo designs ideas for business online to get inspiration isn’t going to make it work for your client.

There should be a proper way to research ideas and that’s what we will see today.

We have created this mini blog with only images under each industry to show you what is being used by various industry experts & how you can take inspiration from it the right way.

After every section, we have an extra tip for you all. So don’t miss them out!

We have 5 major categories on logo design ideas for business that will increase your business by 2X.

Category 1


While taking some ideas from these logos, try and understand how best your client’s brand would fit in. Modern logo designs and almost all big brands have one thing in common… simplicity. Keep that in mind while looking for logo ideas. 

Beautiful logos with a bunch of elements and colors look pretty but are they scalable, responsive or even recognisable?

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    Category 2


    Notice how technology logos may be flexible in one large shape (circular) but the health logo ideas are a bit more stable?

    You have to understand why you are building a logo for your client in the first place.

    Is your client selling medicines on which the lives of people depend? Or is it a software which connects users across the world?

    Once you see the design ideas from the “Type” standpoint, you will shortlist the ones which resonate with your client’s needs.

    The “Type” can be stability, trust, flexibility, connectivity, security etc…

    Category 3


    Beauty as the name suggests can be in many shapes or forms.

    Which is why, you might see some flowing fonts and/or logo designs in this section. 

    Your client might be selling a single product or a whole bunch of different products.

    Once you have that information, you can look for these ideas to see which one fits the best.

    For a single product, you could go for a logo design that shows the product being provided.

    For multiple products, you can focus on creating a stable logo design but play around the font of typography.

    Category 4


    Fashion has exponentially changed throughout these years. Now you may notice a lot of brands, big brands, are moving towards making their logo design and brand identity premium and thus, providing a simple logo can go the long way.

    Category 5


    Traveling as the name suggests means moving to different places and when you do that, you come to “Type” connectivity.

    So when you look for designs and ideas in general, think about your client’s type and see if he is providing travel services that you can show in the logo, or maybe he is selling tickets or providing a home to tourists. 

    When you get an idea around the requirement, go for a logo that best resonates with the needs.

    Category 6


    We will keep on searching and sharing new ideas with you all. Let’s hear it in the comment section below if you want more blogs like these!

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