Logo Design Lesson 2

Coast Rainscreen

Each logo design is the creative piece from your large pool of creative imagination.

Welcome to your second logo design lesson.

As you would slowly move forward, the complexity of these logo designs will increase. But in order to let your imagination flow through perfectly, we are taking small steps at a time.

“Creativity is nothing but a mind set free.” –Torrie T. Asai

There are tons of logo design tutorials online but you need to understand first where to begin your journey of learning.

Here you will find another simple logo explained step by step for you to memorize these logo making guidelines. Now the step names are similar to Logo design Lesson #1 but the internal tip in each one of them is different.

Every business is different. Every company has their own objective of reaching out to prospects or as you say, customers.

So the steps are the same but the approach changes with every design.

Topic 1:


As I say, brand awareness is the first step in logo creation.

Little insight on this company, coast rainscreen deals with making the rainscreen products/components which can be used by vendors or for personal housing. Bottom line, it provides the customers a product that can protect their houses from rain damage and let the houses live longer.

Those who have read the logo designing lesson #1 already know the importance of asking some specific questions before diving in logo creation.

It is crucial to know who your customers are or what is your client’s company selling or what are the customer reviews for the brand’s product.

I know you must be thinking, “But how would I know which questions should I ask???

Trust me when I say this, you know it.

Imagine if you would be making a logo for your company, what would you first think of before summarizing the findings?

  • What is my brand?
  • Why am I doing what I am doing?
  • What is in it for customers?

The moment you answer these questions, you get a picture of how you want your logo to look. As per investopedia, logo is a graphical mark to identify your company.

There it is.

Now you know why the questions are important.

Ask as many questions as you want to understand the brand’s identity. If you have understood the meaning of it, it will be reflected in your design ultimately.

Topic 2:


Always remember, sketching your design should not be missed.

This helps you create a comprehensive idea about your thoughts and putting them on a piece of paper will give you a rough drawing of your final sketch.

Below are some sketches made for Coast Rainscreen.

You do not have to be a professional to begin with sketching. Remember the key terms mentioned in beginners guide to logo design and you should be good to start sketching out your ideas like a pro!

Check out this article by 99designs to see how big brands started with their logo designs.

Quick Read:

99Designs has beautifully explained other colors and their significance in logo design. It’s worth a read.[10min]

Topic 3:

Choose the software

If you have read the logo design lesson #1, you probably know how important it is to choose your right software.

It is advisable that once you pick a software, keep working on it for the rest of the urgent projects as well. 

Reason behind this is you are already familiar with the shortcuts and the usability of the tools.

Clients do not care where you build their designs but they do care about the timelines.

As I always say, my favorite is Adobe Illustrator for designing logos but feel free to work on the software you are comfortable with working.


So we met here!

Thank you for reading the article but if not, ask yourself this question:

Do you like quality more than the speedy logo creation?

If the answer is yes, I recommend you to scroll up and read the tips provided.

If you have already read them, that’s great!! You know how it’s done.

Let’s summarize what we covered above:

  1. Researching about the client before diving in the creation process
  2. Sketch and Review stage
  3. Designing your sketch in your picked design software

If you would like to see some more lessons on how to create your own logo or how to create a logo for a client, comment below and share your feedback 🙂

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