Logo Design Lesson 3


Logo design lessons on the internet are scattered everywhere.

You don’t know where to begin with.

Or where to stop.

So instead of bombarding you with several concepts or a single design tutorial without any meaning to it..

let’s see this logo design lesson to understand how to build concepts followed up by the actual design.

In this lesson, we will discuss:

  1. About the brand
  2. Brand’s objective
  3. Major keywords taken from the objective brief
  4. Mood board creation
  5. Actual design steps

Topic 1:

The Brand

Virool brand has taken an initiative to host your videos online with the help of AI.

How is virool different?

Virool helps you to:

  1. Setup video advertisement campaigns 
  2. Create custom thumbnails
  3. Specify target audience
  4. Analyse the results

Now you don’t have to worry about how the videos will be displayed. 

That’s Virool’s job.

Topic 2:

Brand’s Objective

The objective is most certainly getting their customers to recognize them for what they offer. 

Instead of incorporating every feature of their advertisement process, we need to focus on presenting their main feature.

Video Sharing.

Topic 3:

Keywords And Moodboard

When I am building a concept, I find it interesting and helpful to jot down all the keywords that are coming in your head.

For Virool, I would say the below keywords are the prominent and accurate ones.

The next step is to create a moodboard.

Moodboard is simply a presentation of ideas that you come across online.

So the steps to create a simple moodboard starts with the keywords we thought about a minute ago.

Pick each keyword and write down the similar and connecting words to it.

For example: For Video, I would go for: Play icon, Play-Pause symbols or even the letter V.

Secondly, we will take each word and look for their icons, images or logo ideas online.

Remember this is just an inspiration board. 

Do not copy someone else’s design.

Not cool.

Topic 4:

Actual Design Steps

Make this your thumb rule.

Never have more than 3 elements in your design and only 1 focal point.

Why not more?

Let’s see below.

Because it clusters your design.

Ending up having a very complex and confusing logo for your customers.

We want our design to be memorable and recognizable.

Let’s see the two concepts that I worked on.

Keywords: Video film and play icon. 

Start with creating the play icon. The reason behind it is the video film would only require another circle at the back.

Don’t worry about the colors right now.

We will come to that later.

Next up is your video film. 

Copy the play icon’s circle and paste it in place. Once copied, expand it to make it larger.

Tip: Shortcut is ctrl/cmd + C and ctrl/cmd + F

Lastly, the color and typography.

Since it resonates a lot with technology, having a blue color would showcase the trust and balance that the brand provides while sharing videos.

So I came up with the below color palette. You can see a lot more of these on my instagram (@harshitaa_sh).

A technology company needs to let their users feel secure and safe while sharing their personal details or parts of it.

So having a typography that would show the kind of strength and security for its users is more suitable for Virool.

That’s why I picked Montserrat.

For concept two, I wanted something different. 

Not every video streaming company needs to show the play icon. Right?

It becomes obvious and not unique.

You want unique.

So follow a different approach.

I started by thinking about having the Brand’s name in the logo.

That is the letter V.

Now the feature that Virool promotes is video sharing.



What comes in your mind when you hear that?

I think of sending and receiving files. And so I worked around it.

The color and typography was kept the same with this design as well because you don’t change the brand’s guidelines.

You work around them.

I hope you like this.

Thanks so much for going through it.

Send me your message about what you want to see here.


So we met here!

Thank you for reading the blog. If not, let me ask you this:

Do you simply like to watch design videos or really want to know the process behind it?

If the answer is yes, my suggestion is you scroll back up and see the step by step process of how you create concepts.

Concepts are the important part of designing. There will be no design if the concept is not clear.

Want to see more lessons? Please let me know.

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