✨ This is why Netflix is doing a

better job than HBO.

Important! ✨
This is why Netflix is doing a better job than HBO.

Being a software company and creating a non-software product is significantly simpler than being a non-software company and creating a software product.

Do you know why?

If you know how to build things, you do not have to rely on building only softwares.

✅ You can build a platform which will attract the audience and stay more on it.

Whereas if you are far away from technical knowledge and look to jump into a product-based startup building, you will probably face more issues.

Because selling a product requires technical knowledge.

Sure you can always hire a salesperson.

But can your sales person give you the idea of what exactly your software needs?

It explains why Netflix is so skilled at producing content while HBO finds it difficult to develop its streaming service.

Therefore, the majority of the money from the 20th century is in the possession of elderly people who are ignorant of software development.

P.S: What are you watching these days on Netflix?

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