This is why

startups fail. [Part 2] 👇

This is why startups fail. [Part 2] 👇

There are various options available to you as an early-stage start-up.

By options, I mean …

– something new your competitor is doing
– a new idea or approach every other month
– watching someone else’s growth path and changing your plan

There are several diverting factors.

Don’t chase after every bright thing.

Because you might be seeing the outer surface but the backend activities can be entirely different.

In order to grow your startup, you need to choose one part of the product that you want to focus on, and

do thorough tests to confirm or refute it. (validate or invalidate)

👉 Experimenting is good.

Adopting someone else’s strategy is NOT.

Experiment as much as you want.

This will give you a clear idea of how your audience

✅ looks at your brand
✅engages with what type of content
✅ what feedback are you getting

So shift your enthusiasm into something better for your business.



P.S: What startup are you running? Tell us about it and I will take a look at it.

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