What your growing brand

does NOT need: šŸ‘‡

What your growing brand does NOT need: šŸ‘‡

āŒ Fancy branding (Your branding should be user-friendly but it does not have to be expensive)
āŒ 100 features (If you are just starting out or only in 3 or 4 months phase, then start with limited features.)
āŒ Business cards (Start with a digital business card instead of spending too much in the beginning)

What it actually needs:

āœ… Consistency (High quality consistent content is what your audience and brand needs)
āœ… Try try, try (Experimenting in the beginning will help you understand what your audience likes to see)
āœ… Focus (Do not divert yourself on other people’s success. Focus on yourself and have faith)


P.S: Does your brand follow new content strategy for 2023?

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