You are losing

90% people on your website ❌

You are losing 90% people on your website ❌

Landing pages can make or break your entire marketing efforts.


Because that’s where your customer lands from your running ads or sent out emails.

Studies have shown that it takes less than 10 seconds for a user to lose interest.

👉 These are the conversion rates by industry:

Higher education – 2.6%
Real estate – 2.9%
Health – 2.9%
Home improvement – 3.3%
Legal – 3.3%
Business Services – 3.5%
Business Consulting – 5.0%
Travel – 5.0%
Credit & lending – 5.6%
Vocational studies & job training – 6.1%

Are you getting this conversion rate?

If the answer is no, then you need to change your strategy.

The strategy I follow –

1. Landing page messaging = traffic awareness
2. Compelling headline
3. Make it scroll-stopping
4. Make them believe it
5. Build urgency
6. Give them clear call to action

✨ I will deep dive into these in detail in the upcoming posts.

P.S: What is your industry?

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