Early Stage
(College Days 2015-2016)

Back in college days, we (me and my team) heard about the WordPress website development and got curious about its functionality. 

I am happy that we agreed upon the decision of working ourselves on the platform to get the actual idea and practical implementation of it. And that’s when it all started.

Being B.tech students, we had the advantage of exploring development, designing or database domains. And with WordPress we could do the first two of them.

Design a website. Develop it as needed.

So we started testing and experimenting on different themes, tried different plugins to see for ourselves which ones work the best and how they are different from the rest.

Design Journey
(Same College Days 2015-2016)

While testing out variety of templates, we got an idea of designing one of our own.

Now the question was: how do we do that?

Yes we were aware of Photoshop & Adobe Design Softwares and so the journey of making design skill set was on!

Googling several tutorials, we created tons of designs but never really utilized them anywhere.

Exactly what you are thinking. Then what’s the point? 

Freelance Hit!
(Same College Days 2015-2016)

So we heard about Freelance work from our professors and gave it a try.

Enthusiastically created one profile and started filling the jobs. And waited.

Filled jobs every single day for 2 months and WAITED!!

At one point, this got really frustrating but we kept our calm and waited patiently. And voila! We got our first job.

Now this was a small poster for a client. We had no idea what are the right questions to ask or what needs to be done in that design but still we started somewhere.

This was the final design. I know, not good but it was our first attempt and we succeeded. So we kept going on!

Got the Jobs
2016 – Till Date

After working on so many projects in graphic designing, development and even in digital marketing, we got our separate jobs.

Now the jobs may be different but the knowledge we gained & the amount of information we gathered till now is astonishing.

So we decided to share our perspective with you all. Hope you enjoy and learn with us 🙂