Custom Monthly Subscriptions With Your Needs

If you have been running your business for a while, you know what online services you need. And that's where custom subscriptions work best. Only pay what what you need.

Customization As Per Your Needs

Dedicated Program Manager


Unlimited Revisions For Whole Month

Why Choose Us?

We provide seamless experience each month by maintaining wide range of online activities such as website build, regular content posting, social media accounts and engagement at a reasonable cost.

Response Within 24 Hours

We value your time and reply back with the solution within 24 hours on the Business Days.

Custom Pricing Plans

Our team provides what very less businesses provide to the clients – custom pricing plans. New client, new plan.


Get the best consultation & support before, during and after project completion with our experienced in-house team.*

Value For Money

Pick the best, required & most suitable plan from a wide range of pricing packages curated keeping the clients in mind.

Brand Identity

We believe in your brand and we will deliver the best results to build your brand identity both online & offline.

Client Support

Call, chat or online messaging platforms. We provide support where you are most comfortable.

What's included in our brand design & content marketing services?

Our custom monthly subscription offers only end-to-end services on regular basis that you require. Some examples of custom packages.

Example package 1

Example package 2

Example package 3

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How It Works

We have a very simple & clean process to keep your requests organized. All you need is to follow the below steps.

Share Your Custom Requests At Once

Once you submit all your requests, our team will connect with you to review.

Set Priority For All Requests

Our program manager will be connect with you to set priority on the submitted requests. 

2 Active Requests At A Time

We will work on 2 active requests, deliver & move onto next 2 requests. And so on…

Our Happy Clients

We are grateful for all the nice things these clients have to say about us. These are the motivational comments that keeps us moving forward. Thank you!



Customization all the way!!! I loved their features and customization in package. I am a small business owner so I can’t afford all services at one. But with this custom plan, I was able to plan my months’ services. I am not leaving Conqr anytime soon!



3 Months down. 130 months to go! I love Conqr and the way they have helped me in my business. They are affordable and organized. They have proper planning of execution and deliver right on time. So you do not have to worry about a thing.



I took 3 services in my first month. One of them we on daily basis. And it was so affordable that I could plan my following months and share the plan with Conqr in advance to keep it all on track. THANK YOU for all your tremendous help so far. I have next 6 months ready for you haha.



I am running multiple businesses and offloading some tasks to third party companies is always a good thing to keep it all consistently growing. So I gave Conqr a few tasks to manage. Then a few more. Then a few more. And today, my whole 3 businesses are being managed entirely by Conqr. SO HAPPY!!



I am always skeptical to try new businesses online to manage mine. But I took a chance with Conqr and it was the BEST DECISION. I have never been so happy with my growing business.



I don’t want to share Conqr with anyone. They are so good, humble, organized, consistent & reliable. I don’t remember when was the last time that I looked at my business technicalities. They manage it all for me and I am grateful to them. Not letting them go for the next few years.

& counting….

We Can Manage Your Online Business

Set up a call and our representative will help you understand the whole process.