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Duplicate, Resize & Rearrange
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Getting stuck while designing or spending too much time manually updating the designs can be daunting. Today, we will talk about how to duplicate, resize & rearrange artboards in illustrator.

Adobe Illustrator is equipped with several functionalities. A designer need not know them all. However, knowing the shortcuts and best practices can always come in handy.

Topics to cover in the artboard are quite a few. But today, we will focus on a few tricks & some shortcuts for artboards.  


Step-by-Step Instructions
on how to duplicate, resize & rearrange artboards in adobe illustrator.

Those who are new to design, an artboard is a canvas where you place or design elements in AI. When you export, the artboard contents are the ones that matter.

When the AI starts and a new document is created, an artboard is present by default on the screen.

First default artboard

Now let’s take a look at the individual tricks & learn all about artboards in illustrator.

Topic 1:

Duplicate Artboards in Illustrator

To locate artboard settings, check out the toolbar panel on the left side of the AI dashboard.


toolbar panel - artboards in illustrator


Once clicked, it pops up an artboard options window with several settings to play with.

These artboard options are selecting the current artboard on screen. To create a duplicate of the same artboard with the same dimensions, close this window.


artboard options


On the top control panel, one option says “New Artboard”.

By default it will create an artboard of an existing dimension. Therefore, click on it and a new artboard will be created right beside the previous one.


new artboard option in control panel


Another way to duplicate an artboard in illustrator is to hold down Option Key (in Mac) or Alt key (Windows) and drag the current artboard out on the screen.


duplicate artboard video


Now that the artboard is duplicated, let’s see how to resize artboard and change dimensions for our design element.

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Topic 2:

Resize Artboard in AI

Firstly, different sizes of artboards are needed for a design because any client would request a design in different sizes due to the usability of it across multiple channels.

Therefore, it is important to reduce manual efforts of a design so as to work with multiple clients.

Coming back to the topic, select the artboard that needs resizing.

Option 1

Artboard can be resized by selecting the corner anchor point and dragging it out or in. This is a quick method.

However, it will not be a precise resizing unless really focused.


manual resizing of artboards in illustrator


Option 2

Another option, a recommended one, is to define a specific width & height in the control panel to preserve the dimension well suited with the standard dimensions to use.

control panel setting for artboard resize


Once the artboard is resized, simply exit the artboard selection and resize/modify the design element for it.


modified design element on the resized artboard

Topic 3:

Shortcuts in AI

Some helpful shortcuts for saving time to duplicate, resize or rearrange artboards in illustrator are mentioned below.

  1. Letter ‘V’ for exiting any selection mode.
  2. Shift key + Letter ‘O’ to enter artboard selection mode.
  3. Option(Mac)/Alt(Win) key for duplicating content.
  4. Holding Shift Key while resizing to maintain current width & height ratio.


In conclusion, there are several tricks in illustrator but knowing how to duplicate or resize in illustrator can help in saving time & efforts on every single design. Stay tuned for more tips & tricks on adobe illustrator and how to design efficiently.

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