Custom Logo Design Font

With Your Favorite Font

Sometimes a popular font does not seem like the right fit for the brand or what the brand speaks for. And that’s when creating a custom logo design font can come into play. 

Thinking about creating a font from scratch would be astounding but at the same time, a lot of companies tweak the major fonts by a few angles to make them unique.

You can do it too. In no time. With the best technique possible.

Once you master the art of making custom fonts, there is no going back.

With every new project, you would feel the urge to make some tweak and give it a brand feel in the right way.

Let’s find out how we can pick a font and create a custom font out of it with a few simple steps. James has done this amazingly.

Step 1:

Take a font of your choice. I am taking BigBang to begin.

Step 2:

Start with the outer shapes. Make or delete some shapes. For example, here we have a very strong and bold word “Dynamic”. So let’s try something in slanted manner. But start with making pointed shapes.

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Step 3:

Inner edges: We need to pick the same theme. If you picked pointed or curved elements for outer area, we will pick the same for inner area as well.

Step 4:

Once you have all the elements in place, then comes the fun part. You can hit and try, add or remove any more elements as you please or even add a texture if you like.

At the end, it all depends on why are you making those changes and how they fit right with the brand’s message.


Thank you for reading the article! 

Typography is an important factor when it comes to designing. You may not find an appropriate font for your design at times. Don’t get disheartened. 

You can create your own by picking up your favorite fonts or similar fonts you would choose for the design.

All you need is to add or remove a few elements around the edges and play with it until you are satisfied with the results.

You may not notice but while playing with the fonts, you might come up with a completely different approach for the type as well.

So, good luck and keep coming!

Test Yourself.
Practice On A Sample File.