If you are interested in makeup, beauty, fashion or lifestyle overall, then Indiekudi is your one stop.

IndieKudi is a brand that shares free advice on living a better life along with makeup tutorials, tips & DIYs. Very soon they are going to start into selling makeup products. So stay tuned!


We wanted to keep the logo design minimal, modern and with a unique concept.

Normally makeup brands tend to go for a girlish design with lots of pink and purple. So we wanted to give this design a human touch. 

So we picked the important two factors: Main selling product (Makeup) & the Brand’s Initials.

IndieKudi Typography 1
IndieKudi Typography 2
Indiekudi Logo Types


Indiekudi Ad Banner 2
IndieKudi Products 5
IndieKudi Products 3
IndieKudi Products 4
IndieKudi Products 2
Indiekudi Mobile View
IndieKudi Products 1
IndieKudi Stationary
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