NutriVolt Logo

NutriVolt logo concept is for a company that deals in manufacturing probiotic drinks. We wanted to keep the design fresh and modern at the same time. 


Generally, when we hear probiotic drinks, we tend to move towards a design concept with some energetic feel to it. 

However, for this brand, we wanted to keep things calm and trustworthy to showcase the everyday organically pure & fresh drink which keeps you energised throughout the day.

So we picked the important two factors: Brand Initials & Initial key ingredient.

NutriVolt Grid
NutriVolt Typography
Nutrivolt Typo 2
Nutrivolt Color Palette
Nutrivolt Badges


Nutrivolt Poster
Nutrivolt Pattern
Nutrivolt bag
Nutrivolt Mobile Screen
Nutrivolt Stationary Part 1
Nutrivolt Stationary Part 2
Nutrivolt Packaging Screen
Nutrivolt Stationary Part 3
NutriVolt Logo
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