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Struggling to get your logo design clients?

Worry no more. We will have a blast of information in the blog below that will not only guide you to get your clients but also to make the best logos in the world.


Topic 1:

Benefits of Logo Design

Below are some of the freelancers across the world. Check out their hourly charges for logo design and the overall income thus far for some of them.

This should be your first step to finding logo design clients. Why? Because you need to know why you want clients in the first place.

Now that you are interested enough, we will check out every possible way to get you listed above charging $50/hr.

Being a fresher, the very first thought is to get anyone who would hire you and you will be able to showcase your skill set. 

But that’s where you are wrong. 

The minute you let the client to be in charge, you lose the credibility & authority over your designs. Clients are to be worshipped but worship your designs more.

Example: You get your first client for let’s say, $20. And you create a logo design as per the client’s instructions. 

You don’t like it but that’s what the client wants for his company. The project is complete and you get your review.

The first thing any other client would see on your profile is the review you got & the money you charged from your client.

Do you want to set the bar this low for your future clients? 

I suppose not.

Keep reading & following topics will guide you on how to set your expectations in front of your clients the right way and get the best logo design clients in no time.

Topic 2:

Design Portfolio

You don’t have any clients. You just have a few pieces of artwork that you created a while back or recently to keep your logo design skills up to the mark.

Gather every design you have made thus far and start organizing them.

We have discussed the design portfolio creation in our previous blog that will come in to picture here.

Having a design portfolio will showcase your artwork to everyone and let them examine your designs to hire you.

If you don’t have any designs yet, don’t worry. Follow the below steps.

  1. Get inspiration online
  2. Start with an imaginary brand name
  3. Create some sketches 
  4. And finalize your logo design

Since this blog is focusing more on logo design clients hunt, I suggest you take a look at below blogs to get familiarized with the above.

  1. Create a logo in 4 easy steps
  2. Follow these logo design tips to save time

There are tons of online platforms that can help you make your logo designs. You just have to type Online logo maker and you will get tons of results like Wix Logo maker or freepik etc.

Once you have your design portfolio in place, we can move forward to the next step i.e Starting the hunt via different platforms.

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2.Do you know the right color combinations that you should pick?

Topic 3:

Find Your Logo Design Clients

Instead of jumping from one blog to another in search of as many platforms as possible, you need to pick the top 3 platforms and focus entirely on them.

Quality over quantity.

We have heard this plenty of times. And it is true.

This does not limit itself to having quality designs in your portfolio, even if it means having only 5 designs.

Quality over quantity is also taken into consideration while hunting down clients.

There are thousands of websites on the internet. But do you check them all?

Or would you check them all if you are searching for something?

The answer is no.

Same goes with looking out for clients. 

Not only will you start to see the results but your engagement with community on these platforms will help you in the long run.

I am not going to list down 10 platforms and explain each one to you. I would rather list the top 3 in each category that works out the best.

However if you want the entire list, several blogs have done that already like Logo WaveLogo Design loveBianca BoardMillo and many more.

Hassle Free Showcase


If you are a designer, you would know about Dribbble. I will mention it in a few seconds but there is a reason why I started with Facebook.

Check out some stats about Facebook below by Zephoria

Worldwide, there are over 2.41 billion monthly active users (MAU) as of June 2019.

1.59 billion people on average log onto Facebook daily and are considered daily active users.

Can you believe that?

1.59 billion people online, daily!!!

Why not use it to your advantage?

Start with a facebook page today. Fill in all the details.

Make yourself authentic and presentable.

Once that is done, start with a facebook advertisement.

Don’t go just yet. Hear me out!

I know spending money is something people keep as the last option. But studies have shown that Facebook’s CPC (cost per click) is way less than any other platform.

And the best part is, you can start with Rs. 40 per day i.e $0.56 per day.


Try it out for at least 6 days to see the results. Rs. 240 would not be that much, right?

Let me know in the comments section below if you need a quick tour guide on how to start with Facebook Ads. I would be happy to help.

But for now, check out this Youtube Video to get started. You can follow the entire video step by step. I did it too!!

I started one campaign to show you the results. Check them out below. It has only been 5 days. [I keep Activating & Deactivating The Campaign].


The amazing part of advertising on Facebook is that you get to advertise on Instagram in the same budget. 

How great is that?

You will be able to build a large audience on two of the top social media sites. Survey has shown that Facebook and Instagram tops the charts, by MOU.

  1. Start with an instagram account.
  2. Link it with your facebook page.
  3. Build and Advertisement
  4. Start engaging with the audience

Not only will you build trust in the community, but you will start getting design quotes.

Make sure to keep posting consistently and in no time, you will get the clients you need.


Both are amazing platforms to showcase your work, engage with other logo designers & build your name.

There is one difference though.

While you can post anything on Behance profile, you need to get a dribbble invite to post on your Dribbble Profile publicly if you have a free account.

That’s okay. As soon as you start with building the connections, you will quickly get the invites.

Let’s take a look at both platforms.


Once you are logged in, go to your Profile and start filling it up. The more details you have, the more trustworthy you appear to others.

Thus it is important to keep your profile complete.

Once the profile is complete and you have your profile photo in place, it’s time to add your artwork.

If you follow the simple instructions, you will be able to add your artworks in less than 5 minutes.

How to find Jobs here?

Click on “Jobs” from the top bar. And Search the job keyword, in this case Logo Design.

Plenty of job listings will come in front of you. Select the one you are interested in and apply for it.

It’s that simple.


In the similar way, once you sign up for Dribbble, you will see the above dashboard.

Now you can go ahead and publish your designs but they will remain private unless you receive an invitation from someone else. If you want to go for Pro version of Dribbble, you need not wait for any invite.

Getting an invite is not difficult. Once you build your audience on Facebook and Instagram, you can highlight it to them that you are now on Dribbble and if anyone else is already there, share an invite with you.

Once you have a few of your designs posted on Dribbble publicly, you can now start applying on Jobs.

It’s the similar way like Behance.

Once you have built your community on these platforms, it’s time for the next step.

From Your Own Website

This is a great step if you want to succeed. I kept it after the platforms because this would cost you some amount of money and your time. 

While it is important, the more important part is to gather an audience first. Once you have the traffic, your website will perform exceptionally.

You can always redirect your social media and portfolio platforms’ traffic to your website.

In no time, you will notice that you are getting a lot of clients through your website.

Building a website is entirely a different topic. Let me know in the comments section below if you want me to create a blog on it.

In the meantime, Tyler Moore has an amazing video on how to build your website from scratch.

By this time, you will have not one, not two but many clients to work with and this will keep growing if you keep on engaging with your audience.

If you want to know what’s next, keep on reading or else you can skip to Conclusion.

Referrals & Events

You have an audience.

Along with few clients.

You have your own website.

What’s next?

Expand your horizon. 

Now that you have all the basic requirements, it’s time to take a step forward.

Look out for Events across the city, state or world or wherever you can go to attend.

Networking is the key to growth. You are doing amazing right now but if you don’t network with other people, you might not grow any further.

Talk to people, learn about their work. Ask them to refer you to someone who would be in need of your services.

This helps you in two ways:

  1. You are getting more people to know You.
  2. You will learn something that you were not doing thus far.

Hence the growth.

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I thank each and every one of you for reading this article.

Getting logo design clients or any clients seem like a big task at the beginning. But if you follow the above steps, I am sure you will start getting them in no time.

Wrapping up the above discussed points:

  1. You may be starting as a fresher but picking the right clients is important for your online portfolio. Your first few client reviews are the ones that makes your impression on the rest of them.
  2. Start by creating a design portfolio for yourself. You may not have worked on real brand logo designs but designing is all about being creative. Create something to showcase.
  3. Once you have your portfolio, start by engaging with people on online platforms. Don’t go on every platform. Instead pick the top 3 and focus solely on them. 
  4. This improves your chances of getting hired and building strong relationships.
  5. After building an audience, it’s time for your website launch.
  6. Create a stunning website to showcase your work and services and start getting design quotes from there.
  7. Now that you have worked for few clients and have a running website, start taking parts in Design events and begin networking with others for more expansion.

And that would be it.

Let me know in the comments section below if I missed out on anything or if you have anything to add.

Test Yourself.
Practice On A Sample File.