Golden Ratio in Logo Design

and everything about it

What seems like a big mathematics theory is actually a clean recipe for designs. Let’s learn about Golden Ratio in Logo Design.

Golden Ratio is a terminology used in design which helps you create a clean, well proportioned and balanced logo design that gives your brand a professional look and feel.

Today we will learn about what is Golden Ratio and how you can use it in your designs.

What we will cover:

1. Golden ratio in a nutshell

2. Step by step procedure to make your own

3. 4 places where you can use Golden ratio effectively

Ever wondered how come you stare at some designs longer than usual?

A lot of times we discuss what makes a design better?

It is maybe the colors used or the typography or maybe the way we have written the content.

Now one technique might work for you while designing your logo and another fits perfectly for someone else. In short, there is no 1 approach to design.

You can find yours after a while of working and being creative.

But what sticks till the end are a few simple principles and guidelines.

One of them is the Golden Ratio. Bear with me. I will try to keep the reference to designing and not mathematics.

Just a little background though.

Topic 1:

Golden Ratio In Design: What and How?

In simpler terms, Golden ratio is a shape with proportion 1 to 1.618 and looks like a spiral figure.

How did we come up with 1.618?

That’s mathematics. It has come from the known Fibonacci series where the sequence starts with two ones and continues with the addition of previous two numbers.

This may seem technical but a proper proportion works everywhere. Imagine adding 8 spoons of sugar in a half cup of milk.

Wouldn’t work, right?

Golden ratio acts as a similar recipe for designs. It provides the balance and a composition that is aesthetically pleasing.

It is not only used in design but every other element you see around yourself. Take a look below.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Topic 2:

Create your own Golden ratio

Let’s see how you can use it in your designs. But first, we will make our very own Golden Ratio.

1 Step: Create a 500px square. And another with width 500px*1.618.

2 Step: Align them both on the left edge.

3 Step: From the top right corner of inner shape, create another square that fits perfectly inside.

4 Step: Now from the bottom right corner of this new square, create another shape that fits perfectly inside the outer rectangle.

5 Step: Continue to follow this path until you get your last square.

And that creates your golden ratio. Create a spiral inside and the arc is famously known as the Golden Spiral.

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Topic 3:

Golden Ratio In Layout Composition

Design portfolio showcases your awesome work that you design for your clients.

When we talk about displaying the work you have done, we mainly focus on the user interface of that page.

Reason being the page would be the first thing your new clients would notice prior to hiring you.

Golden Spiral or Ration works perfectly in presentations as you can go for grids of different ratio but place them according to Golden ratio for better optical flow.

Check out the UI presentation from UXPlanet on balancing the UI design in a perfect manner.

Golden Ratio In Typography

Golden Ratio works in almost everything.

If you have a title and a subtitle for your logo design, you may want to check out the Golden ratio for their placement and font size.

Take a look below.

Which looks more appealing to you?

Now can you guess which one has the Golden ratio proportion?

The left one has Golden Ratio whereas the other two are on assumptions and better judgement.

Golden Ratio In Logo Design

Most importantly, logo design for better balance should always have guidelines. Golden ratio is one of them.

While working with logo design and golden ratio together, you might want to create circles that fit each square inside the big rectangle we created above.

Take a look below.

This is the easiest way to get the well proportioned circles to work with in your logo design and create a more clean and balanced logo that looks professional.

Golden Ratio In Photography

One of the reasons why few photos stick to you is because in photography, Golden ratio is followed quite a lot. 

You don’t have to be a photographer to know how to use it.

You need one thing in your design/photograph.

One focal point.

Check out this rule of thirds post by slrlounge that explains where your focal point should be.

Now rule of thirds is a different principle but it collates well with golden ratio as you keep your main object on side as your focal point and rest draws to it.


Thank you all for reading the post.

I hope you get some insight on what is golden ratio and how you can use it in your designs.

Knowing where you can use the technique helps you design better but knowing how to do it helps you make those designs in the first place.

Have you tried the Golden ratio yet?

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