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How Much Do Logo Designers Charge
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Logo design is critical if you want to build a successful brand nowadays. But, with so many possible design agencies and freelancers on the internet, it’s important to know how much do logo designers charge?

Therefore, we’ll look at the various logo design pricing from the eyes of a client.

Knowing the minimum and maximum bands for each price proposal is essential information to have if you are hiring online for the first time.

Let’s take a quick glance at the cost table to discover how much you should expect to pay for a logo design.

Before hiring anyone, know how much do logo designers charge & how much you should pay them

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Quick Guide

Price Chart For Hiring A Logo Designer

Logo Design Chart For Clients

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"Why" behind each pricing structure

Logo Price Chart


$10 – $50

$199 – $399

$399 – $1000

Who Should Quote This Price?

New Designers,

Online Service Providers,

New Business Owners

Designers with less than 10 clients.

Intermediate Designers,

Designers with more than 50 clients.

Expert Designers,

Designers with high experience,

Designers with more than 100 clients.

Who Should Use This Design?

Low Budget Clients,

Time Sensitive Requests,

Urgent/Ad-Hoc Need

Small business owners,


Clients who are still testing what’s working for them.

Business owners with good design process understanding and want to increase brand awareness with brand identity.

Large enterprises looking to revamp their branding

Successful Technique

Start with $0

For both you and the logo designer, this is a win-win situation. Any aspiring logo designer would gladly work for free in order to gain experience.

Keep in mind, however, that the new logo designer may not have the necessary experience to present you with a high-quality logo.

Therefore, before hiring, conduct some additional research and present the logo designer with some design ideas and suggestions. You’ll obtain what you desire this way.

You’re merely hiring someone to carry out that task on your behalf.

Successful Technique

$10 - $50

To begin with, this pricing would be quoted by any logo designer with a clientele of 10 to 15 people.

These logo designers would have some experience in the field of design. As a result, you might not have to perform all of the legwork on your own.

However, a logo costing $10 to $50, on the other hand, would require a few extra revision rounds to get to the final outcome.

It’s a long process, but you’re saving a lot of money. If you want the logo designer to take care of everything then keep reading since the next section will cover everything.

Successful Technique​

These logo designers are the best in the business. You might always check through their portfolio and tell them what kind of design you’re looking for.

You should be able to see the outcomes and exactly what you were searching for after only a few encounters.

The costs are significant since they will not only deliver the logo but also do the following services for you:

  1. Firstly, Research the logotype
  2. Secondly, Create logo sketches and spend hours finalizing & shortlisting the one to showcase
  3. Kickoff meetings with clients to understand the requirements
  4. Ability to understand client’s needs and implement them without hassle
  5. Lastly, Deliver the top notch logo design

But if you are looking for some additional benefits like a 24*7 customer support, free design elements etc, then the next section would tell you all about it.

Successful Technique​

$399 - $1000

This is where design firms, such as ours, come into play.

You may now believe that the prices are high. But, as part of these packages, design agencies supply a team of designers that collaborate to generate high-quality designs in a timely manner.

In addition to that, additional benefits may include free post-project consultations, a free business card, or even some free icons.

Since you’re creating a brand, it’s crucial to spend a little more time and money on the visual identity of your company. It draws in a crowd and encourages your clients to remember you later. But we’ll get into marketing tips and advice later.

Conqr, on the other hand, offers customisable packages. So, if you just require four features out of ten, let us know and we’ll create a completely new package for you.

Now these benefits can only be provided within an agency. Therefore, you need to decide what you want for your brand.

Knowing logo design price is not enough. You need to know about ….

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