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Harsh Truth: You can not become a fashion blogger sitting at home. You need to check out the latest trends and pick what is right for you with a little addition of you in it. Same law applies with logo design. Let’s talk about Logo Design Tips & Tricks that works today!


Topic 1:

Why and how to look for ideas

Very few designers who are at an early stage go for the research part. They like to dive into the design section. 

You are not one of them? Skip below and go right here.

If you are here, then I am guessing you know about the basics of logo design

Or else you are in a super rush and just looking for some graphic design ideas to begin with for your project or for yourself.

Stop right there! 

Do you think that’s how the big brands that you see today created their designs?

Logo design represents your brand. 

It represents you. What you offer to the people, what you do and who you are.

Sure you can take a look at tons of design ideas by a single click on Google or somewhere else(Really?). But are you looking in the right direction?

How do you know if the design you are looking online is the right one for you. This is where these Logo Design Tips & Tricks will come into play.

Well just like LogoJoy provides variety of logos to pick from, I am going to share numerous examples with you below telling you which one’s right for you.

Research is important but the background or the future offer of the company play a key role in any effective design.

Let’s take an example: You are at the beginner’s stage and you need to create a design for a fashion company. 

You go immediately searching for it and these come up:


Looks great. Stylish actually.

Now you take the idea and think of adding your element to it. You got a great design to showcase in front of your client.

But the client did not like it. Turns out the company sells fashion clothes for kids and these designs don’t look appropriate to it.

This time could have been saved if the research is done right at the beginning.

But hey, I did the research!

Then follow these steps while looking for logo design inspirations and you will nail the end result:

  1. Firstly, Be sure of what the client or your expectations are from the design.
  2. Secondly, Look for the competitors in the same industry. Those who are doing well, take notes of their design.
  3. Thirdly, Go for specific searches on design sites. Let’s say, your client runs a technology based company. Go look for Business logo design ideas. 
  4. In Addition, Select any 5 or 6 designs based on the research of brand in step 1.
  5. Lastly, Add your idea, mix and match but do not copy the design or there will be consequences. 

Quick Read:

Logo Design Tips & Tricks are helpful but combine them with below and you will be a hell of a designer.

What to avoid while creating a logo [10min]

Creative market explain what to keep in mind while creating a logo. [10 min]

Topic 2:

Follow social media trend or not?

Design trends are great. Big brands also follow these trends in order to stay on top. 

But in this section, we will learn if that’s good for an early age startup? 

Logo Design Tips & Tricks will only take you so far because you have to understand their objective to implement.

Most importantly, the essential requirement is to know how to use these trends to make your design.

Check out the below logos and jot down points that you notice. It can be size, color, text or anything.

This is what I noticed:

  1. Firstly, over the period of time, complexity decreased or the noise in the logo was cleared up.
  2. Therefore, simplicity is introduced as in flat design.
  3. In addition, Colors are unchanged.
  4. A focal point is picked to be used as a standalone[This is the last row in the above picture].

All points are correct. However, I am sure you have few of them listed on your notepad too.

But to concentrate mainly on the 4th point for now, it has become a necessity for brands to have responsive logo design which can be displayed on several device dimensions, especially on mobile devices. 

Some Statistics

As per Statista, more than 60% people are mobile users. And that’s the reason why brands are spending millions of dollars on mobile advertisements.

Topic 3:

Logo Life Span

Knowing if the logo design going to last for a longer period is very important for brands. They can not go for rebranding after every single year.

Let’s understand this.

Let’s take an example to explain this point. 

Imagine you run a handmade cards business. Initially you would sell out handmade cards to people on occasions or if required, you would also deliver it. 

You created a logo for your company to this:

It has a great card feel. The letter “H” seems in a foldable fashion.

Now you expanded your business to selling printed T-shirts. See what happened here?

The logo does not suffice with your new selling unit. You may have to change the style or the color or the entire logo. But you need to change.

So before jumping in for any logo design ideas or any logo inspiration online, ask yourself:

  • How long will this design live?
  • Will the colors be adequate?
  • Will it be able to follow the trend without any rebranding altogether?

These few initially questions will help you to build a great logo that will last for a long time.

Topic 4:

Brand Identity

Brand identity is created with the visible elements of logo, the brand products, colors used and the overall voice that is showcased to the consumers.

Let’s understand how logo design plays a key factor in maintaining the visual identity for any brand.

What are the basic shapes?

Brand identity should always be one of the top important factors while creating a logo or looking for ideas.

Sure, you can go flat design or a 3D design. But the brand identity should never be changed. It depends on numerous aspects when we talk about logo specifically:

  1. Your brand color palette
  2. Your brand typeface
  3. Shapes you use for your logo
Below shown companies changed their logos to much simpler yet responsive designs. But the brand identity is intact.

Consumers or people trust a brand with its market value and the services they provide.

They recognise the brand on the basis of these small identities that make companies the big brands. 

Any drastic change will have a huge reaction from people which can be positive.

But most of the times, it is negative since it takes years to build trust and a change in your brand, changes their perception towards you.


Let’s keep it short for this post:

  1. Do your research first before going in and searching for logo design ideas over the internet. It’s a sea, so pick your fish first and then dive right in.
  2. If you are running a startup, keep a tab on latest trends. Avoid few logo design mistakes and you should be fine. But if you are running a successful business, well think before you take any action on following the trends that might not be there after some time.
  3. Pick the design idea that will work for a long period of time for your brand.
  4. Keep the brand identity intact.

Now, enjoy few logo design ideas below:

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