8 Free Logo Fonts For 2021

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Ever felt like your logo designs are missing the best logo fonts?

Maybe it just does not feel right?

Happens to me a lot and that’s a good sign.

Well let’s find out why exactly.


A designer can spend approximately a whole day while working on a brand’s design.

And it’s not because of being inefficient.

But mostly because the right design is going to last for a very long period.

In order to make such logo designs..

you need to make each element of it as perfect as possible, to attract the larger audience.

The main elements are …

Your graphic icon



What if you are going with subtle design and just using your name as a brand? 

You see, even then the typography is still there.

There are tons of logo fonts out there but companies try to keep up with the trends.

Therefore, you would notice a lot of brands change their logos after a period of time to keep their customers happy when they look at their logo as brand’s face.

People often follow less complex designs nowadays. And the reason is pretty simple. 

It saves their time while maintaining the same feel and sense of safety and trust with the brands.

Let’s check out the best logo fonts that the big brands are also choosing over the rest.

Topic 1:


Roboto is a font family created by Google for the mobile operating systems mainly

But considering the font is free to use worldwide, it can be seen on lots of websites and even logos for brands.

Why choose Roboto?

Now the font seems similar to Helvetica which is one of the topmost fonts used today.

But the Helvetica font family is quite expensive to buy.

And that’s why the brands are either switching to alternates or creating their custom fonts.

Check out the below logo redesigns and spot the common characteristic among them. 

Are you able to see the difference?

I am sure you guessed it. 


Nowadays people want to have a quick look at your brand and have the emotional connection instantly.

Like without any of their efforts.

They don’t want to roll their eyes, follow your logo design curves or anything.

A simple and a stable feel for a brand is all they need today.

Instead of going behind a famous but expensive font like Helvetica…

try to use the alternatives out there and customize the font as per your needs, if required.

Who should choose Roboto?

All industries. Roboto is a font family which can be used in all channels easily.

Topic 2:


Julieta Ulanovsky made this font back in the days while looking around old posters and signs in the traditional neighborhood of Buenos Aires. 

Picking the best font for your logo does not mean that it has to be one of the modern fonts.

Sometimes the old, traditional fonts hold the value that can not be replaced by anything new.

Why choose Montserrat?

Tons of big brands use Futura font because it is super clean, sleek and showcases the stability in a wonderful manner.

But yet again, the disadvantage of widely used famous font is that it comes at a price.

Futura font is not free and thus many brands go after the second best font which is somewhat similar to the actual font but free.

Now as I mentioned earlier, it is not a bad practice to use the alternates.

Let’s check out the font that meets the expectations.

Montserrat font family is an amazing choice.

It holds the same feel in it’s style with a little kerning for breathing room.

Thus if you want, you can keep the space or you can squeeze it.

Let’s see how you can play around Montserrat font type. Can you tell which one is the actual font?

I have merely reduced the spacing between letters and squeezed it up a bit.

But that’s the fun about playing with fonts.

You experiment until you find the right font for your brand.

Who should choose Montserrat?

Automobile industry, Telecom Industry, Delivery Industry, Media Industry, Education, Non-Profit Org, Health, Aerospace

Other Options

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Topic 3:

Cormorant Garamond

The font family is created by Christian Thalmann back in the days.

It was created from scratch by having inspirations around Garamond & Claude Garamont’s immortal legacy.

The right font for your logo should have the classic yet modern look and feel.

And this font can provide you both as it can be easily paired up with Roboto or Montserrat.

Why choose Cormorant Garamond?

More than 4M websites currently use Garamond font today.

Imagine the amount of people who you can target by using this font style in your logo design.

Besides the Garamond font, which is known as one of the best logo fonts today, is quite expensive.

And what better way to save your money other than using your design skills on an alternate option.

So you can pick up the free font Google provides.

And still get the same look and feel for your logo.

Who should choose Garamond?

Telecom Industry, Media Industry, Legal Industry, Non-Profit Org

Topic 4:

Libre Baskerville

Another great font for your logo can be Libre Baskerville.

This font was originally created for web page texts.

But since the font holds a great weight and balance in it, it can be used in logo designs perfectly.

Why choose Libre Baskerville?

Firstly, the font family is free to use worldwide.

In addition to this, the font is currently being used on more than 10M websites.

Means the target audience is huge and widely spread across the world.

Thus it shows the trust and ease among the users.

This font family makes it worth a try in branding as well.

We can use the trick shown above to change this font as well and create a custom font of our own without paying anything.

Who should choose Baskerville?

Education, Banking, Investment, Health, Technology, Research, Art

Other Options

Free: Adobe Garamond
Paid: Romana
Topic 5:

Patrick Hand

Patrick Wagesreiter created this font based on his own handwriting.

Thus the name, Patrick Hand.

The font family comes in Regular font style only.

But the cursive feel to it gives a lot of fun out of it.


Why choose Patrick Hand?

The font is very playful and can be used freely worldwide.

The fun quality of it can be used for lots of different events, scenarios and playful activities. 

Now I know there are a lot of fun activity brands out there and they can take the leverage of using this font in their favor.

Would you believe this?

More than 2M websites are currently using this font family.

In addition to the above, the font is majorly used in the US.

And as we all know, US is the largest market for any industry.

So go ahead and try out this font for yourself or your clients.

Tip: The font works great with Lobster font family. So you might want to check that out.

Who should choose Patrick Hand?

Art, Event, Kids apparel, Camping, e-commerce store for painting or stationary

Topic 6:


Pacifico is an original and fun brush script handwriting font by Vernon Adams.

This was inspired by the 1950s American surf culture in 2011.

Amazing right?

Pacifico font family also consist of Regular font style.

But the brush script effect of it is so flawless that it can be used as it is in different designs.

Why choose Pacifico?

Firstly, the font family is free to use worldwide.

In addition to this, the brush script effect gives it a playful yet modern feel to it.

Well, that’s good news.

This can be used by a lot of creative people out there.

Showing the joy through your designs can make your customers feel comfortable and remember it easily. 

The more they bond with your designs..

the more they bond with your brand.

Secondly, the font family is currently being served on more than 8M websites.

Crazy right?

Who should choose Pacifico?

Cosmetics, Art, Travel, Educational store, Traditional Store, Apparels

Other Options

Free: Milk Script
Paid: Nexa Rust
Topic 7:


Natanael Gama started typography in his early days and has now created the top two widely used web font families i.e Cinzel and Exo.

Cinzel has a very royal touch to it and thus it is becoming more and more popular among the audience worldwide.

Why choose Cinzel?

The font family is inspired by first century Roman inscriptions. 

As a result, more than 4M websites are using it as their font family today.

The font holds a great value of royalty to it and can be used in different forms as per the requirements.

Lastly, we can use the trick shown above to change this font as well and create a custom font of our own without paying anything.

Who should choose Cinzel?

Art, Perfume Industry, Media Industry, Elite apparel brands, Political Parties, Campaigns

Topic 8:


Rubik is my favorite when it comes to pick a font which is calm to look at but also holds a feel of stability to it. 

The font family was designed by Philipp Hubert and Sebastian Fischer at Hubert & Fischer.

It’s a sans serif font with rounded corners that provides the ease to optical flow for the words.

Why choose Rubik?

Firstly, the font family is free to use worldwide which is amazing.

More than 7M websites agree with me as they are currently using this font family for their brands.

With the rounded effects on the corners, the font family avoids any stiffness to it.

Hence, giving the ability to designers for a smooth yet stable brand design.

Who should choose Rubik?

Education, Banking, Investment, Health, Technology, Research, Art

Other Options

Paid: Recoleta or Intro


Some playful fonts for you


Thank you for reading the article! 

Today we learnt about the top 8 free logo fonts that will keep on trending for 2020.

Above all, the brand design or any design is incomplete without the three pillars that are graphic, color and text. 

Most importantly, find the right combination for all three and create your best design.

Certainly, Typography can be a little tricky as even a single letter can look odd in your design.

So use the above mentioned type fonts in your designs and be sure to use them for the correct industry.

Am I missing any industry here?

Let me know.

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