Present Logo Design to Clients

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Do you know what is more important than the logo design itself? The presentation of that logo design to the client. Let’s see how to present logo design to clients.


Well imagine creating a wonderful client logo but the client rejects it.
Now you know the future of that logo for the brand and how it can increase the overall business growth. But your client doesn’t see it.

This is where the presentation kicks in. You can change entire client’s perspective by presenting the logo correctly.

Let’s take a look today on how to present logo to clients in the most effective way.


Topic 1:

Present Logo Design To Clients Rule 1:

Design Brief

Client usually are not well versed with graphic designing. So for them, the logo is either a Check or reject.

Communication is the key. The outcome of your logo design is based on how you communicate the design in front of your client. Present logo design to clients the right way and there will be no revisions (no promises).

Let’s see how we can do that.

There are two types of clients:

  1. One who leaves the design entirely on the logo designer
  2. One who provides some background and requirements as to what the result should be

Second type of clients are amazing but you need to understand how to deal with the first category.

While meeting the client for the first time, you should go prepared with all your questions that will help you in your design process.

There is a possibility that a lot of them will be answered by the client upon meeting. But if not, start asking your questions to get your notes.

Once the brief is prepared, share it with client and get an approval. That way, you both are on the same page with the requirements.

What if the initial kick off is on call or email?

If the client meets up via call or email, it is better to have your questions in a form format to share the same with your client.

Two advantages:

  1. Saves up time for you and your client
  2. Before meeting on call:
    1. You can go through the submitted details by the client
    2. Your client will have a rough idea of what will be discussed on call.

Great, right?

Either way, you need to have a set of questions. 

Start with the basics:

That are the requirements, who is their target audience, are they looking to scale in different areas .. and so on.

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Topic 2:

Presentation Sequence

As we have discussed in previous blogs, “Sketching should always be the first step in logo design process”. This helps you to be free and create something unique, whereas the software will limit your creative imagination and the results would not be plausible.

Same goes with presentation. Follow a sequence for the ease of understanding.

You have created a wonderful logo with your amazing imagination. You know what it speaks about the brand. 

But your client does not know about it!

Create a perfect layout to tell them about your design in a wonderful story.

Start with the design brief. Remember we discussed this in the step above.

Write down your brief again to remind what they are going to see in the logo design later.

Next up, your logo design.

I like to split the page in two parts. One column will have the large logo (for bigger devices) and the second column displays the same logo design in small version (for mobile devices).

This helps your client understand that the logo is responsive and can be used across different screen sizes.

Followed by real life examples.

Let’s say you own a coffee shop. The designer shows you a logo design for your brand.

But wouldn’t you want to know how it would look on your:

  1. Billboard
  2. Mugs
  3. Business Cards
  4. Banners
  5. T-shirts
  6. And the list is long…

Hence, display your logo on different real life elements to give your clients a sense of feeling about how the logo would look in different areas.

This is where the mockups come into the picture. Internet has tons of free mockup designs for you to use.

Listed below are some sites from where you can download the mockups.

  1. Graphicburger (Recommended)
  2. Behance
  3. Pixeden

Want Another Option?

Well, being a designer you can always download free available photos from iStock or any other website who lets you use free images. 

Now head into Photoshop and start displaying your logo design the way you want to. It is a lengthy process but you will have the end result as per your requirements.

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Topic 3:

Slides or PDF

Final stage is to present logo to clients. Now you can either go for:

  1. A powerpoint presentation
  2. Pdf (Recommended)
  3. Or Google Slides (My favourite when choosing between 1 or 3)

If the sequence of presenting is clear to you then you can pick any of the above mentioned options.

What matters is the sequence of presentation.

My recommendation is to make a pdf. It’s not heavy and keeps a steady flow of your sequential presentation which can be separated if presented in a slide format.

Quick Tips: 

  1. Before Meeting: Always share your pdf 10 minutes before meeting the client. This gives your client enough time to get familiarized with what will be discussed during the meeting.
  2. Opening statement: Address to client that the presentation is based upon the brief discussed in the initial kick off and if there are any suggestions or feedback, it is observed that they are best resolved if asked at the end of the meeting. Henceforth, giving you the space to showcase & tell about your work freely.
  3. Ask about client’s feedback after you finish your presentation. Clients often find mistakes or errors when asked for feedback without any backstory.


Thank you for reading the article! 

All in all, it’s all about convincing the client. Master the art of convincing and you will never have to do design revisions again. 

Nah just kidding. Revisions are a part of the design process but they will be reduced to lesser revisions for sure.

If you skipped to read the conclusion, that’s fine, you know. You will not go out of my blog empty handed. 

  1. Firstly, Start with a kick off meeting before even creating the logo design. This would help you create a design brief that both you and client would agree upon. 
  2. Secondly, Ask all the necessary questions that would eventually help you in your design process.
  3. Now you have all the requirements but the key is to find the right sequence to present it.
  4. Most importantly, Start with the brief, then your logo design in different screen sizes. This should be followed by real life examples like the store board, business cards and a lot more mentioned above.
  5. Once you have the sequence in place, get started with your presentation. It can either be a slideshow or a pdf format. Up to you.
  6. Lastly, Keep the Quick tips in mind (mentioned right about the conclusion) and you are good to go.

And it’s a wrap. Let me know in the comment section below if you have any points to add in this.

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